In order to develop the enormous potential of live virtual training for leaders and managers within global organizations brought together a powerful team of people from the worlds of software design, television, and business education. This multidisciplinary approach has resulted in a unique capability to provide powerful learning experiences and strategies that are unique to this new medium. We are demonstrating every day that the dramatic cost reductions made possible by virtual technologies do not have to mean a reduction in the quality, impact and effectiveness of training.

  • Our programs and workshops enable organizations to place their leaders and managers into coaching relationships with leading subject experts and business academics from around the world.
  • We enable our customers to work closely with development and delivery teams whose live virtual trainings have repeatedly scored higher in satisfaction surveys than the equivalent face-to-face sessions.
  • Tightly structured and monitored in terms of their impact on measurable business objectives our live virtual programs are redefining the role of learning and development as an instrument of corporate strategy.


A new category of virtual meeting that can’t be ignored

After repeated requests from our customers we have developed “Collaboration Round Tables”. A unique highly interactive virtual alternative to those costly face-to-face meetings that become so necessary when it comes to realigning teams, getting behind new strategies, or taking new offerings into the marketplace.

Taking advantage of the latest live virtual technologies and experience gained through thousands of hours of live virtual training, Illustra has come up with a high impact solution that is proving to be an instant success with a wide variety of organizations. What is being offered is a new kind of meeting experience that promotes collaboration to achieve defined business objectives

  • Full production and technical support throughout every workshop ensures a seamless interactive experience orchestrated to achieve your business objectives
  • The utilization of live and recorded video to support and drive the agenda – participants on camera
  • Individual and team breakout activities that harness the knowledge, experience and creativity of all the participants in the session
  • The introduction of online tools, whiteboards and interactive learning elements that can support the objectives
  • Well researched scenarios and case studies that can be used to illustrate important successes, key challenges and must win battles that can be a focus for problem solving and discussion
  • Activities that are designed to enable the gathering of viewpoints and data that can be used to further the business objectives
  • Brainstorming sessions to harness the creative thinking of all the participants
  • A complete report at the conclusion of the Round Table with all participant inputs included

Working with our customers we are able to select from a wide variety of live virtual solutions to create programs that can be shaped around their unique challenges and objectives. Watch our video and contact us for more information. presentation (2 minutes)



Long Illustra Video video presentation 9 minute version


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